What is is a US-based company that provides business trained Virtual Assistants to top producers, teams and individuals who are looking to grow their business by using the cost-effective method of outsourcing. lt's main office is located in Houston, Texas.


How can a Virtual Assistant help me?
From digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments and managing events to personal errands.

Our Virtual Assistants can do a gamut of things as long as it can be done online and on a computer. Download a copy of our Roadmap to Success to know more. CLICK HERE.

If you are looking for a more specific skill set, let us know and we will help source the right talent.


What is my commitment?
We ask that you sign a 1-year contract upfront. We do not have trial periods.


How do we communicate?
We use Skype which allows you to see and talk directly with your Virtual Assistant.
The Skype mobile app also allows you to talk to them while you are out of the office.


What are the benefits of having a Virtual Assistant?
Try comparing the costs of hiring someone on staff versus contracting with a Virtual Assistant.
It's almost double! Using a Virtual Assistant cuts down on your overhead as well as any employee benefits, taxes, and insurance you would normally be responsible for.


Should I hire an in-house assistant or a Virtual Assistant?

Both types of assistants have pros and cons. The bottom line is to understand your priorities and what set-up works best for you. Download a copy of our Roadmap to Success to know more. CLICK HERE.


What hours do your virtual assistants work?

Your dedicated Virtual Assistant works your office hours.


Do you offer part-time virtual assistants?

No. Our commitment to our virtual assistants is to provide them with full-time employment.


How long does it take to get started?

Step 1: Discovery call

Step 2: Needs assessment call

Step 3: Interview and select

Step 4. Onboarding call

Download a copy of our Roadmap to Success to know more. CLICK HERE.


How do I provide online tool access to my Virtual Assistant?

You will receive an email from your dedicated Virtual Assistant manager before the onboarding call. Simply reply with the login information.

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