Business Set-Up & Management


Irrespective of the size and nature of your business or which country you’re based in, assists you with offshoring as well as setting up your business. We help you reduce the operational cost of your business and grow it further. We take the front seat, sit beside you, and help you expand your organization.

So far, we’ve assisted over a hundred companies to leverage the benefits of using virtual assistants or outsourcing their work to the Philippines. Now, with a strong spider web of property providers and vendors — we’re here to help you set up your company. Your brand would be in our safe hands.



What we can do for you

Business Incorporation: We help you form a business by assisting with filing various incorporation-related documents, preparing operating agreements, obtaining office development information and so on.

Skilled ManpowerThe Philippines is a mine of skilled manpower, especially if you're looking for professionals fluent in English communication. We provide human resource assistance which consists of conducting interviews, performing employee screening and staff retention.

Employee Safety & Welfare: We ensure that your Virtual Assistants stay happy and feel secure at work. A Support team is always available to help them in any aspect.

Training: If your business has various recurring tasks, we can provide you with experienced staff who would get trained and acquainted with your work and then train and monitor your other employees in the future. However, for this, it would be pertinent for us to know your business model and which industry you’re in. If you wish to train your employees virtually, we will arrange training sessions and help you facilitate the same.

Price: Please contact us with your requirements so we can discuss. Let’s hold hands and grow together!

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